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‘To know health is the greatest of all earthly blessings’- Hippocrates

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Leslie has been my herbalist now for over two years, she is professional and caring. I initially came to her with an unidentified allergy that I had been suffering with for years. Thanks to Leslie, this is no longer an issue. Would highly recommended. Sean Co. Clare
I had never been to a herbalist before Leslie. From my first call with her she has been nothing but helpful, knowledgable and not to mention lovely. On the call Leslie explained what she understood was to be my issue, she explained why I was having this issue while also outlining why she was recommending the specific herbs. Leslie always responds to any queries I have promptly and is great for reassurance during the whole process. Would highly recommend. Ruth Co. Kerry
I can highly recommend Leslie as a herbalist. She has helped me and my daughter greatly. She has a lot of knowledge and offers a professional service at a fair price! 5 stars Valli Co. Clare
Leslie is professional, knowledgeable and approachable. I had seasonal allergies for over a decade that I was used to treating with tablets, eye drops and nasal spray. Less than a month after visiting I had no symptoms. Speaking with Leslie has given me insights into how the body is a whole system and drawn attention to simple habits I can do to proactively take care of my health. 10/10 Roisin Co. Dublin
Leslie is a wonderful herbalist and naturopath. She gives solid advice and amazing herbal remedies which have helped me through acute illnesses as well as through my pregnancy. Highly recommend seeing her for a consultation. Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness or acute condition, her knowledge and treatments will be of great help! Siobhan Co. Dublin
I went to Leslie for an alternative, more holistic way of treating high blood pressure, colitis and prostate problems. I found her to be very thorough and knowledgeable and her herbs, supplements and dietary advice have been very effective. I would highly recommend her. John Co. Donegal
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Leslie Maya Souchere
I am a Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy graduate from the College of Naturopathic Medicine. After four years of study, I have gained a knowledge and understanding of the application of herbal medicine, nutrition, hydrotherapy, detoxification, Bach flower remedies, tissue salts, iridology and naturopathy which I use to treat a diverse range of health concerns. I also specialize in helping with pregnancy, pre and post birth support as well as childhood illnesses and health. As a mother myself, I can identify with the many pregnant women and parents and children who come to my clinic. Other areas that I have a particular interest in are allergies and immune function, as well as mental health issues. I also hold a diploma in holistic massage. Prior to studying herbal medicine, I spent several years working with plants as a horticulturist and studied organic horticulture at the Organic Centre in Co. Leitrim. A passion for growing food and herbs led on to gaining a deeper knowledge of the power of herbs and nutrition in the body’s healing. As a firm believer in organic and biodynamic practices, I strive to grow as many herbs and foods as I can in my garden in east Clare. I strive to live a sustainable life and do so by going back to basics as much as possible. With sourdough filled with herbs, fermented herbal drinks, wild foraged pesto, herbal vinegars and as many ferments as time allows, my kitchen is always buzzing and smelling fragrant! I also have had a lifelong passion for yoga, meditation and mindfulness.
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Co. Clare, Ireland
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